With the participation of Pietro Radoicovich, Giusy Lucini, Davide Pazzaglia, Alessandra Scola, Cristina Moreschi, Corrado Ortu, tour guides and tour managers of C-Lake Today

A participatory photography project inviting Lake Como’s tour guides to imagine tourism in the area beyond the pandemic

When will the world of tourism see the back of the covid-crisis? Can new tools, languages, ideas come to our aid in welcoming tourists to our Country? As the pandemic unmasks the boundaries of our long-gone routine, we need to process new ways for our identity to be born again.
Through the practice of photovoice, involving interlocutors in the process of production, selection, and description of images, the Voce Collective has asked a group of tour guides and managers working in the area of Como to address these and many other questions, diving into a workshop of participant photography, which had already started in late 2020.
Stillness and frenzy expectations - where the personal space has shrunk to fit our domestic walls – serve as the background to a disposable camera and its 27 exposures, turning into a means for interpretation and pondering, able to materialize concerns as wells as hopes for a sector that embodies one of the most exquisite souls of the city.
The outcome is a story of a long dreamed tourism and its vibrant desire to turn the page, overcoming the current impasse, against the massification of tourism of the recent past. Lest we forget what has happened to our lives, a tale told by the images of Moreover bestows the visitor with one of the most delicate, intimate, and collective suggestions revealed by months of lockdown.
In such humus, the choice of the disposable cameras, echoes of the ultimate tourist with its trips and holiday albums, plays a crucial role in encouraging the visitor to experience this life.
Through a sparkling dialogue with the city and its tourist attractions, the photographs taken by the tour guides and managers Alessandra Scola, Corrado Ortu, Cristina Moreschi, Davide Pazzaglia, Giusy Lucini, Pietro Radoicovich from the C-Lake Today association, was printed and installed in some of the hottest spots for tourists in Como, starting from an exhibit at the pier, Lungo Lario Trento, to the Info Point in Via Albertolli and the San Giovanni railway station.