Spunti di viSta

What do people look at daily? What makes somebody stop and take a picture? What’s the personal experience of a young man and woman in this country? And further more, what is it that they take with them when arriving here?

Daily life, friends, living conditions, dreams and aspirations.

During this photo course we concentrated on what these topics mean for the participants and how we could translate these thoughts into images. Together with reviewing some of the most important topics for photography, such as light, balance, space, point of view – and introduce them to the history of photography.

The classes were taken by a group of young adults, with very different stories and background, who were studying to achieve Middle School Diploma, in Italy. They all came from foreign countries and among their first challenges were things such as language barrier and adapting to a new place.

With this work we wanted to challenge the viewer on the notion of migration and point of view and we were very pleased with the results the participants took home, using only disposable cameras.