Qui, altrove

Here & elsewhere

A residency project for Insight Photo Festival, 2021.
Qui, altrove was exhibited at Premiato Biscottificio di Varese.

Invited by INSIGHT Foto Festival, we have developed a participatory archive stemming from the mix of vernacular and the authorial conduits.
While, on one hand, we elicited people’s participation in identifying the “strawberry places”, icons of identity and key to individual growth, on the other, we set off from the single person to talk about the local identity and common elements of belonging to a place, even if we reside there temporarily.
Our authorial footprint translated in their request of text and audio content enveloping the visitor in aromas and flavours of those places and their memories, along with the collection of snapshots - taken by Voce - of the places displayed in the photos taken by the participants. The physical element of these places showcased in the photographs is crucial, reminding us that our reality is made of nothing but our perceptions.