Share your pictures and take part in a collective show during the Insight Foto Festival!

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INSIGHT Foto Festival is a contemporary photo festival happening in Varese from May 21st to 30th. Voce and the staff of the Festival are looking for images that speak about the festival’s theme, identity, and that are connected to the territory of Varese.

• What are the particular places that you identify yourself with in this area?
• In which spaces do you feel attuned with nature?
• Which gardens, parks, forests, trees and bodies of water are part of your story?

If you would like to become one of the show’s co-authors, please send us your pictures. We are looking for photos that portray yourself or someone dear to you, in a natural setting. As well as the picture, please send us a short letter directly addressed to the place itself (e.g: dear Monte Lema,…) Tell the place the stories you’ve experienced there and why you feel connected to it.

The photos can be new, old, color, b/w, professional looking or taken on a phone. We invite you to scavenge through your family album or in your phone’s memory.

We’ll be waiting for your picture until April 25th 2021.

Send them to voceavarese@gmail.comtogether with a phone number, so we can contact you if we’re in need of more info.

With all of your pictures we will be putting on an exhibition during the days of the festival, a show that we’ll unite all the individual identities into a singular one.